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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – The Ultimate Guide – UCL

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – The Ultimate Guide – UCL

I wrote this blog post on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – The Ultimate Guide for UCL Advances during my time at IDEALondon. For more info please visit:   Before I say anything about SEO, and what it does for you, I must say why Google is so important. Out of all search engine queries roughly 68 % […]

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LinkedIn: You are one of our most active Premium members


Recently I’ve received the email from LinkedIn with the subject line: “LinkedIn: You’re one of our most active Premium members“. I thought this could be the trick to get me pay the Premium account, which is BTW very good but also expensive. Anyhow, I took a good look at the LinkedIn statistics and I’ve found amazing […]

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Kickass Mobile Marketing


EXIT Festival MTS Android OS on Huawei handset. EXIT festival goes Mobile Marketing big time, by teaming up with China’s mobile leader Huawei and the biggest Serbian Provider Telekom – MTS.   Here is a littel sneak peak into EXIT Festival Android 4.1.1. OS for the Huawei handset Ascend G510… and watch this place for Video Tuts very soon! Supreme Factory has […]

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Dishing up Digital Music with Supreme Factory


Contributed by Jennifer Irizarry  If there is one person on the planet that could explain the baffling array of options in the current music streaming landscape, it’s Petar Savic, Founder of the Supreme Factory. Originally hailing from Serbia, this music producer and app developer par excellence has worked closely with top social networks including YouTube, Google Plus, […]

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