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Contributed by Jennifer Irizarry 

If there is one person on the planet that could explain the baffling array of options in the current music streaming landscape, it’s Petar Savic, Founder of the Supreme Factory. Originally hailing from Serbia, this music producer and app developer par excellence has worked closely with top social networks including YouTube, Google Plus, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Myspace, LastFM, Reverb Nation, Mixlr, Mobile Roadie and Livestream, and is a veritable encyclopedia of all things music and digital.
Savic notes that the consolidation happening broadly in social media will also apply to internet radio and other digital music platforms, but for now, each site seems to offer the audiophile something different. Here is a rundown of a few of his favorites:
iTunes Radio 
Having launched less than a year ago, iTunes radio is bound to get better in time. Integration with with iTunes means you must buy music to listen off line, but it’s a great free option for mac people-if you can take the adverts or are willing to cough up your $25/year. Our take: it’s too much like Pandora to feel exciting.
Google Music
The rise of google music is the hand maiden of youtube’s demise as a free-music zone; you have to pay to play ($15/month), but google is clearly positioning itself to be a major player here. One obstacle making google music attractive is that there is no mobile app for iPhone: ‘nuff said.
Savic collaborated with Sound Cloud on Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival and is a big fan.
While they don’t have the biggest music archive and you can’t upload something you don’t have the rights for, Sound Cloud is a must-have if you are a musician or a producer. We like SoundCloud for music discovery of under-the-radar artists as well as remixed hits and classics. Check out Petar’s SoundCloud offerings for EXIT label below!

Contrary to common belief, Mixcloud and SoundCloud are not, in fact, competitors. In a nutshell, the former is for uploading and listening to individual songs whereas the latter is for actual mixes. Got it? Good.
With a very clean grid-style design and great search and discovery options that use cookies to predict your preferences, Mixcloud is totally free and Savic assures us, likely to stay that way, having monetized through affiliate links for tracks. We love the endless variety and ease of use, especially of the mobile app. A bonus? Mixcloud streams ‘lightly’ meaning it doesn’t eat up bandwith like some others; highly recommended for parties.Petar’s work with the International Radio Festival on Mixcloud can be enjoyed below.

In spite of limited service internationally, Spotify is the gold standard for listening to your playlists offline. Petar: ‘I don’t know how they made it, but it works great. Sound quality is by far the best!’ MGC: the UI leaves much to be desired but the social integration can be a plus- that is, if your Facebook friends have good taste in music.

At the International Radio Festival 2013 Petar had a chance to hang out with the Director of Rdio Brazil, and is currently collaborating with them on developing wordpress compatible plugins. Rdio is very social and compatible with all devices: iPhone, android, windows 8, everything. For $9.99 per month unlimited, it works offline too. Rdio’s curated stations are a huge plus for the casual listener; we like Pitchfork, CMJ and Free People.

In 2009, Lastfm were pioneers in internet radio but they have spotty streaming services in most countries. But for $3 per month, you get the whole enchilada: endlessly streaming tunes. Savic developed xbox apps for special lastfm radio stations and branded radio banners for the festivals; they probably have the most advanced usage of API out there.Let us know in the comments which of these services is your fave!
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