LinkedIn: You are one of our most active Premium members


Recently I’ve received the email from LinkedIn with the subject line:

“LinkedIn: You’re one of our most active Premium members“.

I thought this could be the trick to get me pay the Premium account, which is BTW very good but also expensive. Anyhow, I took a good look at the LinkedIn statistics and I’ve found amazing results.

But, then email body follows: “You’re on your way to mastering LinkedIn!”

I went to this link: , and found out that I my rank in the top 3% for profile views among professionals like me. And I am ranked in the top 5% , on the place 27 which BTW is my  lucky number, for profile views among my 700 connections on LinkedIn.




So what inspired me to work on my LinkedIn profile.

Recently I’ve moved to London, the most popular city on the planet earth. Since London is also the most expensive city in the world, I needed the money so I set my higher goals to find the best possible job in the Digital Marketing, Social Media and Music Industry fields.

Then I saw the short presentation “Employability in the Digital Age” by UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON on the FutureLearn online course. So please take a look at this very useful presentation:

Check out Digital Business Academy UK for amazing FREE courses:

First, you need to have the really good CV, short and simple. I’ve changed my CV almost everyday, making it shorter might be the best thing for you CV too.
Check out this very useful link “4 Hidden Resume Mistakes That Will Cost You The Job” given to me by my very dear friend Ana. Get inspired!


Second, the picture of you is really important. I had a great luck by getting on the photo shoot with one of the best Swiss photographers at the International Radio Festival  in Zurich. And yes, I got some really cool photos of me. Done!


This is a good start for LinkedIn, so just keep networking every day!

I will try to update this blog post with some useful tip and link about how to use LinkedIn, so watch this place.
If you need any advices on how to optimize you LinkedIn account, please let me know or post a comment, and I will be more than happy to help.


Thank you all for visiting my LinkedIn profile and getting in touch with me!

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